Saturday, July 23, 2011

"Bees and Butterflies" Activity

Today we talked about how the bees, butterflies and other insects help move pollen (the yellow dusty stuff inside of flowers) around the garden to other flowers to make fruit and that with out these hard-working helpers we would miss out on a lot of fruit. 

We talked about how bees sting people when they feel threatened, so when a bee comes near you to just stand still so the bee can figure out you are not a flower and move on.

We watched many bees working, saw dragonflies and a butterfly in the garden. We picked one pea pod, basil, raspberries, some more giant radishes and some flowers. 

Thanks to the Nomula family, Judi Lee and Foster's Daily Democrat for coming out to the Growing Children program!

 Advay's Butterfly Craft
(Marker on a coffee filter spritzed with water
and floral wire tied around the middle)

 Blooms from the Main Garden

 Japanese Beetle Fest!

 Advay and Dad watering squash 
seedlings in the Main Garden

 Lettuce in the Main Garden

 St John's Wort growing wild

  View of the Children's Garden from the Main Garden

 Dragonfly on a garden marker

 Some kind of flying insect...

 Eggs under a sunflower leaf in the Main Garden

 Advay holding the radish he picked

 Dragonfly (center)

 Giant Radish!

 Squash Blossom

 Three Sisters: Calico Corn, Squash 
(Patti Pan, Delicata and Waltham butternut) 
and Scarlet Runner Beans

 Jack-Be-Little pumpkin and Birdhouse gourds

 Lily and the Children's Garden

 Judi Lee and the Nomula Family

 Judi Lee, Advay (in the "be still when 
bees come near" position) and his mom

 Delicata squash

 The Three Sisters

Just shy of 1lb of radish!

These eggs (I took this picture during "Deck the Garden" are Squash bugs! We saw tiny ones emerging from the egg cases and a bit larger ones (teenagers?) on the squash leaves as well. Here are some pictures and info from the University of Minnesota Extension

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